BIXX Beautiful Chaos

Listen to the release here: https://nk.complete.me/beautifulchaos

Promoted Post BannerRobert Bickert, known by his alias BiXX, wears multiple hats as a DJ, Trance Music Producer, Mentor, and Entrepreneur. His love affair with dance music ignited during his college days at Auburn University in Alabama, where he initially experimented with funk music mixes at vibrant college gatherings. It was during these events that he was first introduced to European dance music. Its pulsating beats at 135 BPM and beyond took Robert over entirely. The early days of Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold and Armin van Buuren played an important role in shaping Robert’s musical journey, leading him to discover Trance music. Consequently, we now have the privilege of witnessing BiXX create some of the most uplifting and powerful trance tracks. However, what sets each track apart is the unique and inspiring story that Robert generously shares with his audience. These narratives serve as a guiding light, aiding listeners in their personal growth and finding their individual purpose in this beautiful world.

Like many uplifting trance producers, BiXX finds great joy in collaborating with female vocalists, including artists like Christina Novelli, Kenny Palmer, Katty Heath, Sue McLaren, That Girl, and many more. A track named “
Sound of the Alarm” BiXX did with Roxane Emery has garnered more than 1,5 million listeners on Spotify. Another masterpiece titled “Symphonic Gods” earned its place on the recently launched XiJaro & Pitch Chasing Dreams compilation.

Beautiful Chaos” is the name of the new track he did with the stunning vocals of Natalie Gioia, released under Nocturnal Knights. A track filled with tech trance flavors, this piece of art showcase extreme chaos and extreme beauty meeting together in a pure yet complex composition. Pumping beats, chaotic vibes, and Natalie’s heavenly voice pull you in without notice, inviting you to dance and cherish every precious moment of your life. “Beautiful Chaos” is now available on all major streaming platforms for you to experience: https://nk.complete.me/beautifulchaos


01. BiXX & Natalie Gioia – Beautiful Chaos (Original Mix)
02. BiXX & Natalie Gioia – Beautiful Chaos (Extended Mix)

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