Luca Draccar


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Reigning supreme with his skilled fingerprints and towering depth in musicality, German-based with Italian roots magical producer Luca Draccar continues to astonish and prove that there is absolutely no limit to the scale of mammoth human capabilities. He possesses a dynamic inventiveness that is fueled by his insatiable passion for both music and technology and it is from these coexisting passions that have helped him formulate a versatile sound and production discography painted with a diversity of techno house, deep house, future house, and vibrant EDM tracks.

After dazzling with his 3-track EP, “Sugar”, he is back like he never left with an imposing new 4-track EP dubbed, “Supreme Emptiness”. This is a vintage collection and supreme from head to toe- a shining statement of his staggering ingenuity and burning passion for this kind of style and art.

“Change Yourself” is synth-heavy and laden with deep house instrumental incandescence. There is an opulent stylish demeanor with the complex instrumentation fixating itself on a listener. The repeated and catchy vocal drops of, “Change yourself” play over and over a listener’s head like a mantra long after the track is gone!

“Mind and Soul” is food for the senses and deeply grooves its way right from the intro with some soul-stirring vocal embellishments that feel distant yet audible enough to take the listener on a resplendent musical journey in space.

“Move on” is one for the occasion which fits well for dance enthusiasts who get to move animatedly to its thumping beats. The use of atmospherics and textures to create a full and spacious mix doesn’t go unnoticed. The dazzling beats punch in and cut through in the mix with a tremendous amount of rhythm and melody.

“Let it slide let it bleed” is a reflective techno house masterpiece exhibiting wondrously blended arpeggios and that groove-oriented synth and bass-heavy musical arrangement. The melody flows effortlessly and jumps at a listener with an impressive blend of cadence and euphony. The hauntingly evocative vocals spark their way in the background to fashion a blockbuster-like melodic intrigue for that extra pleasure!

The whole of this EP is absolutely thrilling and is the mark of an accomplished maestro who will continue to make his mark time and time again! Follow the attached link and let this EP be the best therapy for your ailing soul!