Bryan Kessler “New Feel Pt. 1”

Following energetic releases on underground labels such as Coméme, Get Physical, LIKE Records, Low Hanging Fruit and more recently Jackmaster’s Numbers imprint, Bryan Kessler’s latest full-length “New Feel” presents a booty shaking, action-packed selection of slow motion mutant disco belters and riff-ready stadium synth tunes.

Bryan Kessler

From opening belter “Trippin On You” to the refined band of cuts like “Find A New Friend” and “Punching On My Chest”, Kessler’s non-conformist, genre-bending approach to dance music is showcased in full force, albeit with a new focus: never before has the producer’s own voice been so pivotal for driving the momentum and tweaking the elation.

Clearly Kessler the vocalist has been present before, but mostly used as a sound effect – now, we’re dealing with full-blown songs like cowbelll rocker “Ra-Orkons Crib”, catchy synth melodrama “A Better Life” or the introspective title cut, a rare example for a powerful electro ballad. Flush with surprising twists and turns, this album is a true maniac’s labour of love – and positions Bryan Kessler as a creative force of nature on the rise.

Artist: Bryan Kessler
Title: New Feel Pf. 1
Label: Bronko
Release: June 2nd 2017Tracklist
1. Trippin’ On You
2. Punching On My Chest
3. Color Yourself
4. Now I Don’t
5. Find A New Friend
6. I’m Horny 4 U