LISTEN HERE: Sean Tyas continues to amaze us with his tracks and masterful production, showing no signs of slowing



Promoted Post BannerSean Tyas continues to amaze us with his tracks and masterful production, showing no signs of slowing down. Familiar with his signature high-energy beats, fast-paced uplifting melodies, and tech trance sound, we are in for another cutting-edge Black Hole release. This new track that is about to take us on a journey through dark, melodic techno at 127 BPM has never been more sophisticated. This just mean Sean wanted to improve the opening segment of his DJ sets and gradually transition into more energetic tracks, particularly during his extended performances.

Within the “
Cycles”, you’ll experience a strong, deep bassline that drives the music forward. A sharp, punchy rhythm and kick dominate the mix. The synth adds a catchy melody that starts filtered and continues throughout the track, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

“Working at this tempo was a pleasure, giving space for the elements to breathe and creating a sultry groove effortlessly. Assembling the elements loosely to match the vocals posed a new challenge in arranging the track without a predictable structure. However, this presented an opportunity to arrange it in the way I would love to experience it on a dancefloor. In addition to adding a pleasant touch, the new modular kit also handled the percussion elements. Making music physically again is a life-changing experience.” – Sean shared

Sean truly stepped out of his comfort zone with this unique vocal of Julie Thompson, which turned out to be the most surprising element of the track. The vocals possess a robotic yet harmonious quality that seamlessly blends with the instrumental composition. Inspired by a “cascaded” vocal technique (in a way related to the famous children’s song “Row Row Row Your Boat”), Sean created an intense and dynamic track that is sure to catch many listeners off guard and leave them feeling exhilarated. So make sure to check “Cycles”, available now on all major streaming platforms:


01. Sean Tyas & Julie Thompson – Cycles (Original Mix)
02. Sean Tyas & Julie Thompson – Cycles (Extended Mix)

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