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These two Electro House Grandmasters are tearing it up with their energetic sound all over the world. Please welcome DIRTYLOUD!


You guys are from Brazil. Could you describe how the scene is there? We heard it’s pretty crazy!

The Electronic Music Scene here is huge, we have loads of rave and club parties all over Brazil, big names coming everyday, it’s a little bit different in terms of music genres and party formats, but all we can say is that it’s pretty nice.

Have you been to Seattle before?

Yes, once last year, on our first US tour with others 15 gigs aroung the US.

Interview with Electro House duo DirtyloudWere you excited about your performance in Seattle and the appearance on ITV Live?

Of course! It sounds like a great way to play to a huge number of people that might not be able to make one of our shows. The US crowds are one of the best so we like to reach as many as possible.

Share one track with us which you currently play and describe with detail why it is such a great production.

We love our new remix for Skism and Zomboy – Kick It. When we play it people go crazy, there is a little of the Brazilian rave music influence in it without losing our signature sound.

Are there other DJs from the scene that really annoy you?

No way, we know tons of people all around the world and pretty much everyone are our friends.

Describe the best moment from your career til now.

The best moments we can easily say were playing in Red Rocks in Denver and in Pretoria – South Africa, by far the best energy and crowd reaction.

Dance Music NewsWhat’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Work hard, never give up and be honest.

Avicii should ________

Do what he wants to do.

Is there one type of sound in EDM you are really excited about?

Drum n Bass from now and we always loved Electro House.

What car do you drive?

Eduardo a Volvo C30 Marcus a Fiat Palio Adventure, cars in Brazil are really expensive, you can’t even imagine.

Have you tried the Dubstep DJ Name Generator on Hammarica.com? What was your result?

It’s funny but not a name we would choose hehe.

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

We wanna see you guys if possible at our gigs on this tour! We appreciate your support and look out for more new music coming soon.

Thanks again guys for taking the time for this interview!

All the best, and thank you.




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