LISTEN HERE: This Irish DJ/Producer has established himself as one of the most in-demand artists in the world of trance music.



Promoted Post BannerThis Irish DJ/Producer has established himself as one of the most in-demand artists in the world of trance music. Andrew Liggett, known as Sneijder, has gained immense popularity with his chart-topping productions and frequent appearances on prestigious compilation albums released by renowned names and labels. What sets Sneijder apart is his distinctive sound, characterized by a blend of uplifting and tech trance, infused with the infectious energy of 90s rave music. What is also magical about Sneijder’s production are his exceptional remixes that dominated the music platforms but also earned a special place on the most-listened radio shows. This includes the well-known A State of Trance. It’s impossible to forget his remix of Ben Gold’s Stay, the track that keeps thriving on Beatport and Spotify, and still evoking deep emotions and stirring tears among trance enthusiasts.

From a childhood game in his bedroom, he developed a passion for music that he shares freely with others. Sneijder ventured across esteemed labels like Armada, Black Hole Recordings, Subculture, Kearnage, Spinnin’, FSOE, Vandit, and more, where his presence still remains strong. But In 2016, driven by his forward-thinking vision, Sneijder took a bold leap and established his very own label, Afterdark, a haven for innovative tech and trance sound. The release of his second artist album is around the corner, and excitement among his fans fills the air. Having already unveiled two mesmerizing tracks, namely “In And Out Of My Life” and “E-Motion” in collaboration with Nick Callaghan Sneijder is now happy to reveal his 3rd release. 

We present you the hard trance gem “You Take My Breath Away” made in collaboration with the lovely Cari. Sneijder is now adding to his portfolio another massive tune that will be played across the biggest festivals and pull out the strongest emotions from trance enthusiasts.

The original version of this track holds a special place in my heart as one of the first tracks that got me into a trance. Its iconic status in the UK club scene evokes nostalgia. From lively festival moments to unforgettable club nights, this record deeply resonates with my journey as a clubber and aspiring DJ. It also holds sentimental value for Cari, who shares the same cherished memories. My goal was to honor the original track’s essence while adding my musical style and creativity. Cari’s vocals resonated beautifully, seamlessly blending with the music and capturing the essence of the song.

Everyone, make sure to check out new release by this mastermind on any streaming platform if you haven’t done so already:


01. Sneijder & Cari – You Take My Breath Away
02. Sneijder & Cari – You Take My Breath Away (Extended Mix)

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